Research and Development plays a very important role in INFERT daily activities to improve knowledge of fertilizer use, enhance products quality, develop new products and provide growers with plant nutrition solutions.Therefore, an independent Research & Development team carries out scientific experiments supported by a professional laboratory - equipped with the latest instruments - to make the necessary analysis for fertilizer, soil, plant & water.

Agriculture experiments take place in our green houses, open field & landscape to ensure, promote and encourage the responsible use of fertilizer, maximize fertilizer use efficiency and achieve optimal productivity in a more economical, sustainable, and environmentally sound manner. Intensive researches done on a wide variety of crops to monitor fertilizer use by crops, impact on crop productivity & crop response to fertilizer in order to provide customers/farmers with integrated program for soil fertility and plant nutrition management

INFERT also maintains good communication with government entities, private companies & university research centers for scientific & technical information exchange.

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